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The Epitome of Control and Flexibility

Managing the candidates and jobs for every individual does not sound easy, even for an IT staffing company. It requires time and effort to seamlessly handle all the jobs and candidates that a recruitment company gets from different streams.HireBestGlobal is a user-centric recruitment software that addresses the problem of managing the jobs and candidates by individual streams and sources. The software allows every user to manage all their own pool of candidates and jobs, without overburdening the recruitment company. Managing individual users is simpler, easier, and way more convenient then it was ever before for the staffing companies. With HireBestGlobal, you can easily determine individual user roles from your admin user account. In case the existing user roles are not according to your needs, you can easily create your own role. Using this amazing software, you can efficiently manage your users just as you manage your own team.

Seamless Management of Users
  • Add a new user by entering all the applicable details. You can also assign an applicable role to each of them.
  • Enjoy a comprehensive overview of all your active and inactive users using your admin account. Use the dashboard to view all the details, including the role of the user and the contact details.
  • Make easy and quick edits such as changing the details, deleting or deactivating the details or changing the assigned roles.
Creation of Custom Roles
  • HireBestGlobal offers the functionality to the admin to use the pre-configured role and even create custom roles, based on the requirements of the recruiting company.
  • Not only can the admin create customized roles but even assign specific rights to all the users.

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