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Stronger Client Relationships, More Business Growth for You

The success of your hiring agency is dependent not just on your candidate pool but also on your client pool. We have designed HireBestGlobal to help you manage all your clients with ease and efficiency. You can use our inbuilt CRM to do everything and anything that need to do to get new clients and grow your business. This includes everything from the management of opportunities and company leads to analyzing the hiring performance that you are providing them. Effective client management means stronger client relationships and therefore, more business!

A Dashboard For All Your Companies

Use this to get a quick overview of the complete list of Contacts, Companies, Opportunities and Leads. You can also use it to measure and enhance your performance with the help of the scorecard for opportunities and companies leads.


Keep track of all your leads, as well as their details such as current status, contact, source, lead owner, and date of adding the lead. Use appropriate filters to search for leads or export the complete lead data into a spreadsheet. That’s not all – you can even track the conversion status as a percentage value. This can help you identify leads that you can invest more time and efforts in.


You can easily track the job opportunities in all the existing companies, as well as other details like Job Type, Contact Person, Date and Status. Get all details of each opportunity with the option of converting it into a confirmed job.


Track all the companies, along with their sales representatives, and contacts. Also, enjoy ease and efficiency through the complete overview of each company’s job pipeline. This way, you can easily determine which company’s jobs you are closing in larger numbers and where there is room for improvement. If you want to share this data with relevant stakeholders, it can be exported into a spreadsheet as well.


You can easily Keep track of all your active contacts in one single place. There can be other details as well, including company details and contact details like phone number and email. Also find prospects to convert and inactive clients. Additional features include templates for mass emails, data export to a spreadsheet and adding of contacts to a hotlist.

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