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Improve & Utilize the Candidate Pool Completely

At HireBestGlobal, we understand the importance of your candidate pool’s quality and size for your business. We have turned this process extremely easy for you. Now you can source the candidates from different channels, submit them to clients, assign candidates to their relevant jobs, hire or reject them or schedule interviews. Using our fantastic software, you can also automate some tasks so that you can enjoy increased productivity and profitability for your business.

Summary of Your Active Candidates

Enjoy an overview of each of your active candidates. This includes details such as Name, Action, Title, Date, Company, Source, Recruiter, Billing Rate, and Pay Rate. Our software also allows you to use any of the fields to sort and search candidates. The list of all the active candidates along with important details can also be exported.

Import All the Candidate Resumes

There are two ways to go about this. Either add resumes one by one or save your time but selecting multiple resumes to import them together. Through our Bulk Candidate Import option, select as many as 500 resumes and upload them simultaneously. You can also use reports to check their import status.

Intelligent Parsing For Candidate Resumes

Import the resume and the magic begins! Our advanced parsing system will parse it and fill all the fields on the candidate form automatically, using the information from the resume. Don’t be surprised to see the neatness in the parsing of the resumes.

All the Candidate Details Together

Find all the candidates on one single page, including activity history, hiring status, attachments, and additional notes. Want to update a resume or any of the details? You can do that anytime! Also enjoy related actions including Schedule Interview, Make an Offer, or Submit to Client.

Advance Search

Use the advanced search options to look for any candidate in the full list of candidates. Get accurate and quick results through multiple keyword searches, a boolean search or a search with different candidate fields.

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