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Insightful Reporting for Performance & Process Optimization

Gathering information and managing it manually is tough and challenging. It is not only time consuming and inefficient, but this method also introduces loopholes in the system. Having a reliable recruitment software allows companies to have complete control over the data.

Insightful reporting is important for performance and process optimization in any company. To generate reliable reports and analytics, a company needs to have control over the data it collects over time. It not only helps in building a strong relationship with the clients but even assists in the expansion of the business.

HireBestGlobal has a competitive advantage over other Applicant Tracking Systems because of the wide range of reporting and analytics options. Using these, you can not only track your progress but also get useful business insight that promotes intelligent decision making.

Our different reporting clusters allow you to efficiently keep track of jobs, candidates, leads, companies, opportunities, vendors, recruiters, career websites, sales, and more items. These can be utilized to provide 40+ different reports. Also, you can use the option of having any of these reports to be delivered to the inbox of the relevant stakeholder at a set frequency.

Extensive Analytics and Reporting

HireBestGlobal is an efficient recruitment software which offers the functionality of extensive analytics and reporting. It is the fundamental element of performance and process optimization. With this software generating insightful reports of candidates, clients, leads, companies, and opportunities become possible. Moreover, any of these reports can be delivered to the relevant stakeholder automatically. Its complete overview of activities and performance is very beneficial for recruiting companies. You can get analytics and performance metrics for all activities.

Improved Performance

With such detailed reporting and analytics, the company has a better chance of addressing weak areas of performance. These reports provide insights into the company’s performance and the efficiency of the team. Using this information, an IT staffing company can improve its efficiency and build a strong reputation in the market.

Better Decision-Making

The detailed reporting helps businesses to make better decisions, which positively impacts the standing of the company in the industry.

Automated Delivery of Reports Directly to Your Inbox

You can easily track the progress of your team and yourself without logging in to the software. All the reports can be delivered directly to your email inbox. You can choose to set the frequency on a daily, monthly or weekly basis.
Integrating HireBestBlobal into your IT staffing company will allow you to enjoy top-notch benefits.

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