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Mass Mailing

Managing e-mails manually is tough, and mass mailing is the perfect weapon for recruiting companies like you. HireBestGlobal has made mass mailing super-easy, efficient, and fast. Be it a long list of clients, hundreds of candidates, or vendors. You can burst the mail box overnight with a click. Management of hundreds of jobs, along with thousands of applicants, requires top-notch skills, patience, and efforts. To entice passive candidates, give mass rejections, explain the recruitment process, and to advertise open positions the recruiter must opt for mass mailing. You can easily reach out to clients, candidates, and vendors by using easy access to CRM and VMS.

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Mass mailing for Candidates, Contacts, and Vendors

In the sea of applicants, e-mailing responses to each one of the applicants is a task close to impossible. Through efficient mass mailing functionality of HireBestGlobal, you can respond to candidates quickly and save them from the long wait! All you need to do is to grab a list of people who you need to send an email.

The more exciting part is that you can even schedule the mass mailing option for future use. You can simultaneously manage your clients and candidates. You can later see the detail reports by using the ‘Delivered’ option.

Create & save email templates

If you do not need to generate a different text every time you send an email, then let us help you with the exceptional time saving tool and creating a template. You can use those templates for as many times as you want. With HireBestGlobal’s efficient mass mailing feature, you can speed up the recruitment process for your company and get an edge over your competitors.

Attribute based dynamic tags

Scheduling mass mailing for the future is possible with the state-of-the-art features. You can create fully customized e-mail templates and save your time whenever you have to send an e-mail to the masses.

Do you have to include the name of different recipients each time? HireBestGlobal brings the best solution to this issue. You can add relevant tags including the recipient’s first name and a difference in content by using advanced features. It will help you draft a unique email within no time.

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