Recruiting & Retaining a Multi-Generational Workforce: The Baby Boomers

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Meta Description: the companies have to deal with and manage a multi-generational workforce, and that is why they need to revisit and revamp their employee recruitment strategies

The need to revamp the entire strategy of recruitment and retaining employees is higher than ever. The reason behind it being the fact that today, five different generations are working together to form the world’s entire workforce.

The workforce today consists of not just the millennials and Generation X, but it consists of a considerable percentage of Generation Z, Traditionalists, and the Baby Boomers. Therefore, the recruitment and retainment plan for every company has to include provisions that satisfy all those in the workforce.

The baby Boomers – Dedicated Hard Working Former Hippies

When talking about the baby boomers, we are talking about the individuals born in between the year 1946 to 1964. These individuals were born after World War II, and it was a time of massive social change. During the time, the baby boomers were categorized under those who fought traditional values, the former hippies.

Baby Boomers are known to have high expectations and work really hard to achieve their goals. They own bold personalities and tend to improve the work ethics of the millennials and Generation Xers. People from the generation of Baby Boomers demonstrate a strong work ethic and slightly prioritize work over their lives.

Analyzing the working force today, we can say that the Millennials and Generation X dominate it, and two-thirds of the Baby Boomers are either close to their retirement age or have already retired. There is a small percentage of Baby Boomers in the workforce today, but they hold extensive significance for the companies, and that is why the recruitment and retaining policies have to consider the values of these individuals.

Understanding the Professional Values of Baby Boomers

For a company who realizes that the Baby Boomers are invaluable to their organization, they need to understand that their old-and-tired employee retaining strategies will not work out. ,  design recruitment or retaining strategy for the Baby Boomers, understanding their professional values is essential.

Retirement Benefits

As more than two-thirds of Baby Boomers have retired, the remaining percentage is close to retirement. The companies who have these individuals working in their organizations, need to understand that the retirement benefits are one of the most important factors for them.

Mentoring Ability

The people from the generation of Baby Boomers are a walking trust of organizational knowledge. They have numerous chunks of knowledge that can really help the new-generation workforce excel in their professional lives. It is one of those generations that values work, and the entire workforce can learn a great deal from them.

The Usefulness of their Strengths

One thing that these individuals value the most is bringing their strengths to use for the improvement of the organization. The more they think their strengths are of value to an organization, they will stay. These people are hungry for acknowledgment and appreciation.

The Perfect Retention Program for this part of the workforce must include all these factors. When you are dealing with a multi-generational workforce, you have to design recruitment and employee retaining strategies that address all core values of all generations!

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